Until there's a cure there's community.

On the road...

...and up to no good!

October 15, 2021

The Gloria has landed. 
















The Gloria, 7,565 miles older and bug-ridden, but still ready to rumble.


The Gloria, Mr. Bones, and myself arrived home Friday afternoon, October 1st, and the trip was amazing. From the the grandiose cities to our beautiful countryside, from the caregiver friends that I got to meet for the first time to the strangers who gazed, gaped, and grilled us on just "What in the hell...?" we were doing in that dementia mobile, the whole experience was thrilling.


A super-duper shout out to my never-met friends who opened their homes and hearts to us while telling their caregiver stories!

Allyson Schrier, of ZinniaTV fame, graciously agreed to be

our filmmaking guinea pig, hosting us in Seattle at the

beginning of August so we could work out the kinks for the

big trip in September. We still had kinks! But much fewer ones

due to her generously agreeing to go first.

The sister caregiver act of Grace and Ashley shared their stories of dementia devotion as we battled Al Capone-style mosquitos in Chicago that had me swollen and itchy for days!









                                                       Matt and Lindsay Perrin told their tales of                                                                   double-duty dementia caregiving to two                                                                   parents, while raising their young daughters in                                                           Amherst, NH.



Rosanne Corcoran, who hosts

Daughterhood, The Podcast, made sure we

were very well fed before sitting down to

swap dementia yarns of sacrifice and

satisfaction in caring for our respective

mom's. (Then I totally got Mr. Bones and

myself lost on foot in her town for 2 1/2 hours!)


Veronica Shanklin, founder of the non-profit Dementia Care Warriors, and I sweated through a 95 degree evening in Dallas, TX, regaling each other with yarns of the laughter and sorrows we've experience in dementia caregiving.









One thing I discovered on this trip? I'm much more articulate with the written word! But I tried to hold my verbal own with these smart, concise, hilarious, and perceptive caregivers - their words helping me process unexamined thoughts and feelings about my own dementia family caregiver journey.


I was also on cloud nine whenever a Stumped Town Dementia reader and I met up on the road! It was a pleasure spending a pumpkin beer drinking hour with Patty in Massachusetts, an afternoon noshing bbq with Kristi in Alabama, and hosting Tess, who brought a celebration cake, at my RV campsite one evening in Berkeley! 


And now for the most exciting part of filmmaking - post production! Where, with the help of a new team of collaborators, I will get to craft the film out the footage we've amassed.


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September 13, 2021

We've made it to New Hampshire!

The Gloria is punching this road trip in the face!

I had my doubts but The Gloria has actually made it all the way to New Hampshire. This is as far east as we go, now we start heading south and back to the west from here (at least I think so... I still can't keep geometry and geography straight).

Our next formal caregiver interview this evening with Matt and Lindsay Perrin - I met them through their Ro & Steve Senior Care Review blog about three years ago and have found a lot of support through this virtual friendship.

A picture is worth a thousand words! Some of our pictorial highlights so far...

Beth, Barnaby, and chickens!

Al Capone-style mosquitos shot us up good in Chicago!

Wine everywhere!

StumpedTownDementia_Rosanne_DaughterhoodPodcast copy.jpg
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