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Grace and Ashley Douglass, Kitty, and Barnaby Bones talk caregiver smack. Barnaby didn't say much.

The Wine, Women, and Dementia campaign seeks to

inspire family caregivers to
Live Out Loud!

... to decrease caregiver isolation,

destigmatize the dementia journey, build caregiver connections,

and celebrate family caregivers!


By living their dementia stories out loud, the family caregivers of

Wine, Women, and Dementia rebuff the continuous tragedy narrative by illustrating that there is LIFE to be lived on the way to death, lessening the stigma/fear of the dementia journey as unrelenting pain and loss.

Isolation & Stigma: The Facts


Family caregivers! Be the change for ourselves and those coming up after us.


  • Let your caregiver community know about Wine, Women, and Dementia. Join our  email list for updates on movie news and screening opportunities.

  • Strengthen your work by hosting a screening for your community/clients/patrons. Makei it a "Caregivers Live Out Loud!" screening, capturing audio/video post-screening of caregivers in attendance who want to share their story.

  • Partner with us! We are looking for organizations, corporations, and/or individuals seeking to inspire dementia family caregivers to Live Out Loud. See our Partnerships page for more info.

  • Join an in-person or online caregiver support group and encourage other caregivers to participate with you. Or start your own! Sharing your experiences  is a  benefit to yourself and vital support for others on the same journey. Here's a couple  of organizations to help you get started: Daughterhood Circles, Alzheimer's Association.

Not sure you wanna live out loud just yet? Hey, you do you, caregiver. In the meantime, here's an article on the benefits of flexing your socialization muscles to help you decide.

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