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"She wasn't looking to make me mad. She wasn't looking to be unreasonable. She just was where she was, and I always  felt bad that that's where she was." "a

~ Rosanne Corcoran

Rosanne Corcoran, Pennsylvania

Caregiver to mom, Rose

Evolving Dementia


Matt Perrin, New Hampshire

Husband to Lindsay

Caregiver to mom, Rosemary


Lindsay Perrin, New Hampshire

Wife to Matt

Caregiver to dad, Steve

Lewy Body Dementia

"I mean, we went through this together at the same time and loads of time felt isolated." 

~ Matt Perrin

"This is a part of life. Death is a part of life

~ Veronica Shanklin

Veronica Shanklin, Texas

Caregiver to mom, Linda

and grandma, Vernell


"It's hard as a care partner to not go, sometimes, to the place of, 'I don't know if I can do this anymore.'

~ Allyson Schrier

Allyson Schrier, Washington

Caregiver to husband, Evan

Frontotemporal Dementia

Kitty Norton, Oregon

Sister to Lexie

Caregiver to mom, Gloria

Vascular Dementia

Lexie Fields, Oregon

Sister to Kitty

Caregiver to mom, Gloria

Vascular Dementia

"I think our sense of humor added to our survival skills. 

~ Lexie Fields

Nicolette Valdespino, Georgia

Caregiver to mom, Caroline, and 

grandmother, Ilda


"I'm third generation approaching what could be a genetic gift, and she will be second generation for this. When you go through this you start thinking about life in a different way." "a

~ Nicolette Valdespino


"Oh, she was pissed!"

"She was taking the pills and hiding them."


"I found some in her coat pockets, dumped in the trash..."

~ Sisters, Grace & Ashley Douglass

Grace Douglass, Maryland

Sister to Ashley

Long-distance caregiver

to mom, Joanne


Ashley Douglass, Illinois

Sister to Grace

Caregiver to mom, Joanne


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