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Support Groups for family care partners/givers and people living with dementia.

  • Memory Cafe Directory offers both in-person and virtual get-togethers for care partners and their loved one to participate in, throughout Armenia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and the USA.

  • Eldercare Locator, a support database run by the United States Administration on Aging, providing a search feature for a wide range of resources available in your area including support.​

  • Lorenzo's House, bringing light to families living with young-onset dementias nationally and globally, with virtual and in-person support for people living with young-onset, and the spouses and children that support them.





Many national organizations offer 24/7 hotlines for care partners/givers, resources, and caregiver training courses. 


  • Dementia Choirs for people living with dementia whether they're a great singer or not! If your state is not listed here, check with your local Alzheimer's Association to see if there is one in your area.

  • In the UK Our Dementia Choir is a BBC-made- famous program, with additional dementia choirs catching on all over the world.

  • Harmony in Dementia provides virtual and in-person sessions to create meaningfully supported musical connections one note at a time

  • Memories in the Making art program for people living with dementia is offered by various Alzheimer's Association chapters and additional community organizations. 

  • Opening Minds through Art builds bridges across age and cognitive barriers through art. Our mom LOVED this program!






  • Aging Research Navigators, USA - Connects caregivers and people living with dementia to research study opportunities within the U.S. 

  •, USA - Use your zip code, city, or state to find clinical trials for both caregivers and people living with dementia in your area. 



From online guides to printed materials, YouTube videos to virtual and in-person dementia family caregiver training - there are a lot of options both free and paid.


  • Idaho Commission on Aging Stay Educated offers free online caregiver training - - check with your state's agency or department on aging to find family caregiver education resources in your state.

  • Dementia 360, in person centered dementia education and consulting for both family caregivers, caregiver professionals, health care organizations and workers, and businesses.

  • Oregon Care Partners offers free online and in-person training for dementia family caregivers - check with your state's agency or department on aging to find family caregiver education resources in your state.

  • The DAWN Method is another highly lauded dementia family caregiver training program.


Brighten a family caregivers day with a caregiver centered gift or, even better, the gift of your time. 



  • Offer to do research for dementia friendly activities and respite options in their area (day programs, dementia choirs, dementia art classes). Present them with the list of opportunities and offer to go along the first time! It can be hard for a caregiver to leave their dementia person in an unfamiliar setting initially - having a friend to ease the trepidation is a great gift of time.


  • Offer to make lunch or dinner for the family caregiver and their dementia person. Having someone else around to break up their "alone-together" time is a great boost to a long day.

  • Run errands for a family caregiver, or better yet, hang out with their dementia person while they run errands and get a little away-time to themselves.

  • Offer to help with home tasks that they are too overwhelmed to get to like cleaning up a flower bed or taking their vehicle for a car wash and interior cleaning.

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