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Rosanne Corcoran

Ashley Douglass

Grace Douglass

Lexie Fields

Kitty Norton

Lindsay Perrin

Matthew Perrin

Allyson Schrier

Veronica Shanklin

Nicolette Valdespino




Director and Producer - In 2016, Kitty Norton left her job as an NBC assistant editor in Los Angeles, CA for her hometown of Portland, OR to walk, stumble, crawl with her dementia mother to death’s door. While doing so, she authored the dementia caregiver blog Stumped Town Dementia, writing tales of dementia life, not dementia death, which resonated deeply with readers around the world.


Kitty directed, filmed, and edited numerous short videos to commemorate dementia life with her mother Gloria, for the blog. When Gloria died in 2021, Kitty was created "Wine, Women, and Dementia," her first feature film - to honor this journey with her mother, to spread awareness of the caregiver side of the equation in dementia, and to let other dementia households know they are not alone, that they are worthy of being seen and celebrated as they slog alongside their dementia person to the end of life.

Producer - Beth Rigazio’s most recent feature, “Freak Show,” premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, starring Alex Lawther, Abigail Breslin and Bette Midler. It was produced by Maven and Flower Films. Beth previously sold a half-hour comedy pitch, “Tor-mentor,” to NBC with America Ferrara and is best-known for writing the feature, “Raising Helen,” which starred Kate Hudson. Beth also fills a respite role as a caregiver for her friend’s father who has dementia.

Editor and Co-Producer - Greg Byers is an Emmy-nominated director, editor, producer, and a member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild. His most recent feature documentary Like a Rolling Stone: The Life & Times of Ben Fong-Torres by Suzanne Joe Kai was nominated for the 2022 Writers Guild Awards.

Co-Producer - Taki Oldham is a seasoned documentary filmmaker and producer. Listed features and series credits include producer for American Masters (PBS), producer for the documentary feature “The Fabulous Allan Carr,” and executive producer of the Netflix series "The Confession Killer."




The world is grappling with a crisis as the

baby boomer generation ages into dementia.

The United States is no exception, with an

estimated nine million Americans projected to

be living with dementia by 2030.


In light of this, Wine, Women, & Dementia

provides a poignant and intimate look into the

human side of dementia. This film follows the

journey of former dementia family caregiver

and filmmaker, Kitty Norton, as she embarks on

a cross-country RV adventure with her best friend,

Beth Rigazio, to meet the dementia family caregivers

who provided virtual friendship and encouragement through their shared caregiver experiences. Through these face-to-face encounters, Norton seeks to deepen her

understanding of the caregiving experience, and highlight the vital support that

caregivers provide to one another, despite the physical distance between them.


The caregivers, meeting in person for the first time, share intimate, humorous,

heartfelt stories, told in formal interviews and backyard “wine chats.” These stories

provide a vivid picture of dementia life - from diagnosis to death, heartbreak to hilarity,

and are interwoven with the physical journey of Norton and Rigazio’s often comical

cross-country roadtrip, as well as Norton’s personal caregiver journey told through

family interviews, archival footage, and home movies. 

Wine, Women, and Dementia explores the themes of perseverance, familial devotion, and most importantly how to celebrate life on a long, long road to death.


Seeking healing and comfort in community, a dementia family caregiver roadtrips the U.S. to swap caregiver stories of love, humor, devotion, and death with other dementia caregivers who share this hilariously heartbreaking end-of-life journey.


Kitty Norton, Director, Producer 

Chris G. Parkhurst, Director of Photography

Beth Rigazio, Producer 

Greg Byers, Editor, Co-Producer 

Taki Oldham, Co-Producer


Running Time: 1:27:09

Exhibition Format: DCP, Blu-Ray, mp4, mov




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  (L to R) Director Kitty Norton, with featured caregivers Grace Douglass, Ashley Douglass, and Barnaby Bones. 

AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD BEST DOCUMENTARY - Vero Beach Film Festival - 2023.png

The Gloria, the used RV named after the director’s mother as it too was cranky,

and had a little trouble on the road.

Caregiver Lindsay Perrin, her sister, Alison Premo, and caregiver Maria Ullaguari help her Lindsay's dad, Stephan Brown, with daily stretches. Stephan lives with Lewy Body, complicated by Parkinson's.

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