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Seeking healing and comfort in community, a dementia family caregiver roadtrips the U.S. to swap caregiver stories of love, humor, devotion, and death with other dementia caregivers who share this hilariously heartbreaking end-of-life journey.

Wine, Women, and Dementia tells the tale of dementia life through the lens of the

family caregivers who strive to accept the beauty and the brutality, the hilarious

and the horrific - for themselves and their dementia person.

It a celebrates family caregivers while exploring themes of familial duty,

perseverance, the power of surrender, the aftermath of healing, and most importantly,

how to honor LIFE on the long road to death.

WWD_RVdriving with quote.jpg

Kitty Norton, Director, and Beth Rigazio, Producer, on the road in The Gloria.

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